Header Image; Photographer Daniel James Hurt

A Study In Devotion

A Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Curated by Sebrina Henry

Integrating Contemporary and Traditional African Fashion, Dance and Music.

Set Design and Accesories by Sculpture Artist Dominique White

Costume Design by Sebrina Henry

Photographer Adama Jalloh

Live Percussionist Matt Dende

Choreography and Direction by Ffion Campbell-Davies and Ann Marie Campbell

Videographer Garth Thomas

Music Production Ffion Campbell-Davies

Dancers; Ama Rouge, Rudzani Moleya, June Campbell, Stephanie Tiwo, Joy Souza and Helen Haile

looking at ‘Mami Wata’…

Immediately we take an introspective reflection on our current day identities and ask ourselves how do these traditional concepts fit into our modern day displacement as AFROCENTRIC SPIRITUAL WOMEN.

How can we transform our ‘foreignness’, return home in our bodies whilst connecting to an environment foreign to our roots.

Transforming bodies into moving sculptures, witnessing living breathing moving art.

Like Renaissant Greek statuesk figurines.

Bridging the two worlds; The Traditional and The Contemporary, The Ancient and The New, The Death and The Birth, The Past and The Future, The Continent and The Culture, The African and The Eurpoean.

Bringing legendary representations of women in divinity from the African Diaspora to the forefront.

The Practice and The Work of Deities in Worship.

Transcending Perceptions of Black Women.


But Where Are You From?

Welsh Indian Director explores diversity and the fluidity of cultural identity

Director Tina Pasotra

Videographer Deepa Keshvala

Dancers; Julia Cheng and Ffion Campbell-Davies

Musicians; Sachin Khetani and John Griffiths


And where am I from? … many places, so how would you like me to answer, shall I pick one context which is most easiest for you to digest? Or is that not enough when you ask… “no but where are you actually from?”


The acknowledgment of ‘otherness’ and ‘difference,’ which reinforces strength and beauty, built within the character of those who remain unrepresented. It is about representing uniqueness, and richness which comes from cultural displacement. Being bold about our existence and embracing all the things which are marginalised and discriminated.


RnD Visual Art Film exploring the taboo of female sexual assault/trauma/abuse [WORKING PROGRESS]

Goddess Metamorphosis

Collaboration with videographer Garth Thomas

What is Love?

Dancer Isaac Ouro-Gnao

Contaminated Thoughts

A movement exploration looking at the embodyment of psychologcal distress, during cognitive disfunctionality within deep states of depression.


Mountain Heart

Is a journey describing the tenacity required to love oneself when foundations of identity are in constant erosion. It is a paradox of self love, smiling through the pain, knowing the journey ahead is steap and narrow and at any given point obstacles of distruction return, turning back is not an option.  Finding the heart is finding home.

Music composed and produced by Ffion Campbell-Davies


At the age of 18 I descovered Balinese dance from Indonesia on the interenet. I was fascinated, hypnotised and obssesed with not only the beauty of it but the detail and articulaltion of the movement language. For several years I just fantisised and romantisied with the qualities of this form in my movement. It was only until 2013 at the age of 22 where I was selected for the exchange programme to Calarts in Los Angeles for 4 months, that I was fortunate to have access to the Balinese Dance and Gamelan modules there at the institute taught by Nyoman Wenten and Nanik Wenten.

Since then, the training and the influences have never left me, and has become a part of my identity. I don’t know why I am compelled by balinese dance but I know it has something to do with having south east asian roots in my origin.

Since then I occasionally make labratory videos exploring my direct mix of influence in contemporary and balinese dance.

Llais Yr Anweledig~The Invisible Voice

Dance film exploring identity and displacement as a Welsh Afro Caribbean.

Where is home when you don’t belong.

I met this guy in spring 17 who told me his name was Dragon, that he was like Niclaus from vampire diaries, I didnt believe him. We only spoke for a week, and at the end of the week I decided to spend more time with him. We sat under the stars in the night sky, and he performed to me plays that streamed from his mind, he was a natural performer, a poet and I was inspired.

So he invited me over and showed me his great grandfathers wooden staff, with a snakes head around a mans fist, said it was past down from his family in west Africa, that he would be my king and we would rule like once our ancestors. We stood side by side in his living room, as he showed me his land, his empire, clutching onto his staff and waving his hand across a vast nation.

The way the universe spoke through him, I couldn’t reverse my surrender.

He told me to write him a poem…

After he exposed my flesh bare, I never saw him again.

Original Indigenous

Looking at the native form of the body, the flesh, the identity. Redefining ethnicity, displacement and cultural misogyny. Creating empowering visuals of the independant contemporary ethnic woman. Organic fluid movement, curves of the body, natural physicality. The masculine with the feminine. The uraban afro-asiatic indo-european, original and indigenous to nature.


Exploring the silent scream, the hurting whole, the empty soul. The broken doll, the bleeding bitch with disfunctional desires. Her dirty nails, clinging on to brick walls.

Little child raging wild, tourmented by her sickned mind. Drowing in the muddy soil, her violence stains like black oil. She squeems as her body recoils. The woman in her feels so small.

Lonely leaves the love to burn. A deep and heavy yearn for a grave to bury a body used and torn, a flesh abused a vessel filled with poison. The broken dreams of a lost girl. She hates the haunting in her soul.

Music by Sneaker Pimps ~ Walk The Rain

History is His Story

The Impact of Oppressive Matriarchy on The Natural Woman

European Societial ‘isms’

Demonising the Black

Excotifying, Erotifying, Objectifying the Native Body

Traumatising the Womb


All We Have Is Us

Performance Ritual Jacobs Market, Cardiff, Wales

You Can’t Change The Skin Your In

A time and place where rejection is in every reflection.

The body knows great secrets, silent echoes and memories twitching from nerve to nerve like chinese whispers. Hyper tension, quivering, shaking, tender flesh so frightned, startled spasms, contracting thoughts as lashes flutter. When pain strikes a vain, an artery, a surface seeking, screaming senses yearning for escape. Scratch and scrape from a dull blade, adrenaline finally rushing. Why does it feel so good?

Film Collaboration with dance Hannah Anderson Ricketts [Meraki Movement]

After coming back from Brazil in 2014, 15 and 16 my experiences fed me full and I gave birth to a journey looking at Libation and the celebration of ancestral worship.

Music composed and produced by Ffion Campbell-Davies