Header Image;Photographer Adama Jalloh


Ffion Campbell-Davies

Born in Cardiff, Wales in 1991, of mixed ethnicity Welsh Grenadian.

Graduated in 2013 from London School Of Contemporary Dance. Exchanged with Calarts, Los Angeles in her final year to study Balinese Dance and Gamelan with Nanik Wenten and Nyoman Wenten, North Indian Vocals with Aashish Khan, and Latin percussion with Aaron Rafael Serfaty. 2014 she traveled to Brazil and Cuba and studied Afro Brazilian, Afro-Cuban dance, Orixa’s and Candomble ritual influences, trained with Nildinha Fonseca Compania Balé Folclórico de Bahia, and Vero Pasos, Tatiana Campelo, Rosangela Silvestre at escola FUNCEB, Salvador.

Involved since 2015 in the ‘London Underground Hip Hop’ scene, working with House Of Absolute Company in Contemporary Theatre and Waacking under Director Julia Cheng. Winning a few battles in waacking, krump vs’ waacking by Crooked District, most recently BLOC battles organized by Kwame Asafo-Adjei in experimental.

Ffion has developed experience with music production and management, shadowing and working alongside singer artist Lula Mbaretu with movement direction, backing vocals, percussion, collaborative performances and production assistance.

Since 2017 krump and Indonesian Silat Martial Arts have been introduced as artistic practices, and beginning 2018 working with Paleta CalmQuality on a music video for music artist Roxanne Tataei.

Artistic development has evolved into multi disciplinary practices strengthening skills in acting, dance and singing for ‘Vault’ festival working with Chris Reyes, his immersive theatre production ‘Caravan’. Within 3 months she has presented 3 new solo works, and a duet, self produced, music, costume design and conceptualized from experience. A duet presented at Shoreditch Town Hall for IDENTITY. An Exhibition solo presented at Deli Theatre. An Afro-latin contemporary piece presented at Richmix for RootsOfRumba, and a hiphop contemporary south Asian influenced solo presented at Redbridge for Artist4Artist. Ffion is expanding and developing work as a performer and choreographer, as well as music producing and writing.