Header Image; Photographer Tom Andrew [VogueItalia]

This is a space for me to define myself, present myself and share myself in the ways of freedom which I choose, that I am unable in otherways. #TheSystem and #Society do not provide space for authentic self. Here I claim my space for authentic expression of my own voice; My thoughts, poetry, images, videos and studies. It is a learning space as I continue to find out who I am, so do you. But this is also a platform for empowerment, as I empower myself, that empowerment spreads sublime into the minds of all who read my WORDS and witness my MOVEMENT.

Ffion Campbell-Davies

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Vogue Italia Interviews with Dancers. Photography by Tom Andrews.

‘Violently Silent’ Platform Artist4Artist at Redbridge. Photographer by Sophie Bradbury.

House Of Absolute, Director Julia Cheng, Photographer Jack Pointer Mckenzie


                                               C M G


A collective of three individual performance artists cultivating space for excellence, growth and self-embodiment of women. Artists; Ama Rouge and Emmanuelle Julia Bayan.
Photographer Vero Leopoldino


Photography by Suki Mok at the VnA sponsored by Kowtow clothing

‘Boundless’ Luton, LittleRedGallery 2018

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Mother and Daughter at ‘Carvan SocialNight’ GrowBar Hackney 2018

Betrayed                               BY                                Blood

West Indian

Womb Paves Way at Richmix 2018

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 22.43.11
Lotus Lady
Photographer Benji Reid
Native Royalty Photographer Russell Higton
Frozen Thoughts
‘Gangstyle’ Photographer Russell Higton
Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 22.19.19
Director Tina Pasotra, Dance Shorts India, Videographer Deepa Keshvala #Channel4
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 01.18.22
Videographer Garth Thomas
Photographer Daniel James Hurt