This is the post excerpt.

She who is more than her own expression can define, exitence with no end or measure of time. Her statement is her flesh, her physical born identity. But ‘who’ exists beyond the threshold of her mind, it is not ‘person’ but PRESENCE that penetrates her every thought. It is not ‘character’ but NATURE that embodies her, and its own self knowing source that evokes her soul, challenging her to always look within, and ask…’who.. is there? where did you come from?’

She is hyper-aware, overstanding that she is a vessel, she rides the ocean, she has no where to go but stay on the boat. Endurance she must sustain, and along with it never question the faith which trusts her surrender, as she wonders WHO is guiding her over sea, HOW it knows like a breeze of ease, it protects and navigates, and already knows SHE.

She must listen attentively, for it speaks many languages , especially the ancient language of hummanity, which so many have lost, forgotten and do not recognise. But she is wise, through the vigilence of her silence, her senses sensitized, looking through widened eyes. her vail born liften, spirit rised.

Everyday she transcends flesh, and looks beyond the shadows of her breath, to ask her emptyness … ‘WHO are you? that dwells there…’ that consumes her conciousness and fills her soul.

‘I want to know you,  I want to understand you…. I want to come home…’



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